Dual study Bachelor’s degree – Ingolstadt

Are you hungry for more than just theoretical knowledge? Do you want to put your skills into practice? Then Audi dual is the right place for you! The program is aimed at high school graduates who qualify for university study and are interested in technology and IT. It systematically and effectively combines studies at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences with extensive practical experience at Audi.

We are progress. With you.

What you can expect

We offer you an ideal way to prepare for your working life with a diversified mix of technical or IT-related studies and practical experience. In addition to your studies at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, you will gain valuable practical experience in various areas of the company.


We determine the practical assignments individually with all dual students, so that you as a program participant can help shape your own career path early on and take on responsibility in projects.


  • General or subject-specific higher education entrance or technical college entrance with an average grade of “good” or better.
  • Interest in future topics in the field of mobility
  • Enthusiasm for new technologies and trends
  • Knowledge of foreign languages, especially English.

Fields of study offered

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Our private and professional world is shaped by electronics, in which computers execute applications and exchange information via networks. This combination of electrical engineering and computer science brings products to life and represents the core competence of electrical engineering and information technology at the Technical University of Ingolstadt.

Electrical Engineering and Electric Mobility

Electrical Engineering and Electric Mobility

Electrical engineering is shaping the mobility of the future. The teaching in this degree programme is aimed at the future application fields of electric mobility and energy storage systems, an area that covers far more than just cars and bicycles, extending as it does to railway technology, materials handling, robotics and, to an increasing extent, medical engineering. With its intensive cross-fertilisation with other fields of application, this programme will prepare you for an engineering career with responsibility.

Aircraft and Vehicle Informatics

Aircraft and Vehicle Informatics

Without computer science, modern automobiles and airplanes are inconceivable: They control airbags, intelligent chassis and anti-lock brakes as well as flight control systems or air navigation systems. The study of aviation and vehicle informatics qualifies precisely for this technique: It is consistently aligned in examples, case studies, internships and project work on typical applications of automotive or aerospace engineering development.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering degree course is the classic, pioneering training for engineers. The goal of the degree program is to teach practical education based on scientific knowledge and methods, which will enable them to become self-employed professionals as mechanical engineers.

Business Information Systems

Business Information Systems

By studying Business Informatics at the TUI, you will acquire the necessary set of skills to analyze and design innovative software systems to support business processes, implement them using state-of-the-art technologies, and manage them throughout their lifecycle.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Nowadays the success of a product mainly depends on how well it can be used or handled. Manufacturers attach increasing importance to product design and arousing the right emotions in buyers. The degree course in UXD provides precisely this much sought-after qualification. The aim is to make the man-machine interface as effective as possible for a particular user by means of user centred design. The focus is on the user experience with the product in terms of technology (programming), design and conception (usability).

Have we piqued your interest?

The application period for entry for the winter semester 2023/24 begins on 04.07.2022 and ends on 11.09.2022.

The most important questions answered right away

How many dual-degree places are available at Audi?

Each year we offer 24 places which are divided between Audi dual bachelor’s and master’s degrees and the respective degree courses (as a rule, two to four places are awarded per degree course).

Can I also study the course I want at another university with Audi?

The degree courses offered are continuously reviewed and adapted to the requirements of AUDI AG. Studying at another university is therefore unfortunately not possible.

Do I also have to apply to the university?

Yes, as soon as you have secured your place on the dual-degree course with Audi, the next step is to enrol at the university. You must enrol before you can start the programme.

How do the practical assignments work?

You will gain your practical work experience at Audi during the times when there are no lectures (semester vacations, practical semester, bachelor thesis). You can undertake your practical assignments in Ingolstadt or in Neckarsulm. You are free to choose your practical assignments and are welcome to match these to your interests – always provided, of course, that jobs are available for you in your chosen department. We also recommend that you look at as many different business units of the company as possible.
In your practical assignments you can take responsibility and implement projects independently. An assignment abroad is also possible.
In many cases, our dual students are also ultimately employed in one of the departments in which they have completed one of their practical assignments.

Further FAQ´s are available here

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Do you have any further questions regarding the Audi dual study program? We are happy to help you.


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